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What is TxtWatcher?

TxtWatcher is a monitoring App for Android powered Smartphones. It silently monitors your kids' phones for both incoming and outgoing text messages also referred to as SMS and MMS. Simply install the TxtWatcher App on the Android phones you wish to monitor. The App is silent, unobtrusive, and requires no special configuration. Unlike many Text Spying solutions, TxtWatcher does not require you to "Root" or "JailBreak" your phone. This process may be fun for techies, but it is a practice that often voids your provider service agreement and is therefore highly discouraged.

TxtWatcher Records all Text Messages on monitored phones. As a message is received by or sent from a monitored phone, TxtWatcher will deliver a copy to your Account on the TxtWatcher WebSite. All messages are delivered silently and securely, ensuring the privacy of your data. Both text and attached pictures are retained for later review in an elegant easy to use interface that allows you to filter on and see conversations both past and present.

TxtWatcher incorporates a powerful message Translation engine. Do you know what "kgb" means? TxtWatcher does. TxtWatcher gives you the unique ability to not only see what your kids are Texting, but also lets you know what your kids are texting at a glance. Only TxtWatcher can provide you this unique patent pending solution with Translation and Alerts to help you prevent problems before they can begin.

TxtWatcher scans Text Messages for content and Alerts you through email or sms when a monitored message contains inappropriate content. Who determines inappropriate content? You do through a flexible Alert Definition panel. You may choose to receive Alerts when a message contains content from one or more of our predefined categories such as Drugs, Violence, and Adult or add your own words to scan for. Receive Alerts based upon time of day and who is in the Text conversations. Alerts are coupled with the TxtWatcher translation engine to make setup and analysis painless. Cryptic Text Messaging slang is instantly translated to standard English to ensure that no content of relevance goes unnoticed.

Logon to your TxtWatcher Account and Review Text conversations and attached pictures in an easy to use log viewing application. Review monitored conversations from your iPad or tablet device, laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Virtually any device capable of running a browser provides you instant access to the logs of your monitored phones. Don't have a TxtWatcher Account? Sign up today. its free!

TxtWatcher's customers are responsible parents who understand the need to be informed when their kids are engaged in inappropriate or at times, dangerous behavior by monitoring their kid's most common form of communication, Texting. The insight that TxtWatcher provides can help parents keep their kids on the right track. Our customers agree that TxtWatcher is a priceless parenting tool.

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